Fast, Fresh, Healthy, Whole Foods.

Naturally Tasteful.

Prepared to order, fresh and delicious every time. Build your bowl your way.


Quarks American Bento is a Fast Casual dining restaurant featuring great tasting, healthy food that is prepared fresh and fast. You fill your bowl with your choice of whole grains or lettuce, meat or seafood and a variety of raw veggies. Top it off with our flavorful, scratch-made, custom sauces, and you’ve got a vitamin and nutrient rich meal that tastes great.

Quarks American Bento will make eating fresh, healthy, whole foods naturally tasteful and will be considered the standard for tastefully healthy in a hurry.  The employees of Quarks will be empowered to grow within the company and engage positively with our consumers.

Why Quarks?

Much like quarks are the fundamental building blocks of the universe, Quarks American Bento features foods and ingredients that are fundamental building blocks for a healthy meal, a healthy diet, and a healthy life.

Based on the Six types of Quarks, our menu features Six groupings that, together, make a complete, and unique meal. Each component and every meal are packed with vitamins and nutrients essential for a happy, healthy lifestyle!

small quarks diagram