2018 for Quarks

There are three words that easily describe 2018 for Quarks – bat shit crazy!

Quarks had an amazing year of creative experiences, one that we won’t easily forget. Let’s start with the beginning of the Year. As always, Quarks was right there for you to experience the finest, freshest grab-n-go food in the business. Helping you to create a better and higher version of yourself and our community remained a steadfast goal of ours which would be enough for most companies to take hold of in and of itself.

We became more efficient, more sustainable and we lowered our food & disposable waste to the tune of only one 33 gallon garbage can a day. That is an unbelievable accomplishment, especially for the restaurant industry. It shows how dedicated we are to efficiencies, systems and making our planet, the world we live in, better.

Next up – NO CONSTRUCTION! This is the first year Quarks has been open and did not have to experience any infrastructure improvements that impeded commerce on 5th Avenue, let alone downtown. Can you say HELL YA!? We did. And still are. There was a noticeable uptick in overall sales and traffic downtown. This is huge as it takes a while for things to normalize itself, and with that said, we are very bullish on 2019.

Quarks received a most distinguished award that we take seriously. Quarks was #1 out of over 400 food establishments in food safety and cleanliness. This is due to the pure dedication to food safety, our highest priority. The employees of Quarks and the County Health Officials are to be commended for their dedication to food safety.

Quarks became the highest rated restaurant in St. Cloud which is an incredible feat for a fast food restaurant. That is why we say Quarks is changing the way fast food looks, tastes and feels.

We learned that we will finally have another high quality tenant moving into the empty space next door which has been dormant for the last year. Expanding the quality of our block, downtown and helping change the face of what downtown is. Transitions are difficult, but they also breathe new life. We want to acknowledge the loss of many business’ downtown and their small business owners. We feel your collective loss, are thankful for your past contributions and wish you well in your new endeavors.

Quarks became the only restaurant to be selected in the largest state run startup competition, MN Cup. This was monumental and is propelling Quarks to where it is intended to be – an individual, community, regional, national and global success. Quite simply, Quarks was placed on a very prestigious map, and so is St Cloud. Lisa and I are very grateful to have some very highly regarded mentors and friends helping us navigate this new experience. THANK YOU! We will make the most of this honor.

Granite games, our region’s biggest cross-fit event, was an outstanding success and showed all of us what we are made of, who we are and how much we can accomplish together. This is where our systems and efficiencies really stood out and prove why we have them. We averaged over 1000 meals per day over the three day event! Lisa and I are grateful to have employees and friends that are as dedicated to the Quarks Life as we are. Thank you team!

This year marked Quarks turning three. Thank you to all who have participated in this collective experience and keeping our hopes alive and moving forward. YOU are the SOUL of Quarks, all of you. There is no going back from here on. We collectively move forward, better, faster, smarter, healthier and with a higher sense of well- being.

As we leave 2018 and enter into 2019, we look forward to substantial growth, holistically and financially. Quarks is and will be the future of food and 2019 promises to flesh that out.


Saint Cloud is where the flavor’s at!

Eat well, be well, and live well. 

QUARKS 2019, you Betcha!


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