Are We Over-Complicating Nutrition? Pt. 2

(This week on the blog we’re continuing with Part 2 of a fantastic guest blog by Helen Sanders! You can read Part 1 here. Helen is chief editor at Established in 2012, Health Ambition has grown rapidly in recent years. Their goal is to provide easy-to-understand health and nutrition advice that makes a real impact. They pride themselves on making sure their actionable advice can be followed by regular people with busy lives.

Do We Need Supplements?

As mentioned in Part 1 of this blog post, if you’re an athlete or a hardcore gym warrior, you may use supplements to boost your results and help you to reach your goals.

Also, there are occasions where supplements may be needed. Especially if you are deficient in certain nutrients and can’t replenish them with food sources.

For example, a number of people have significantly low levels of omega 3 fatty acids. These are incredibly important for both physical and mental health and can only be obtained through our diets, primarily from fresh fish. But, if the thought of eating an 8 oz cod turns your stomach, you may benefit from fish oil supplements.

Similarly, many people, especially those with food allergies or restrictive diets can benefit from multivitamin supplements in order to fill the gaps in their diet.

What is important to remember is supplements are not an excuse for a poor diet. You can’t take a multivitamin and expect to be nutritionally sound yet never let a fruit or vegetable graze your lips.

Moreover, most normal people who have a healthy, balanced diet (without any dietary restrictions) and who regularly exercise (at a general level and are not training for the World’s Strongest Man competition) don’t really need supplements.

If you are just a general gym goer who works out a few times a week to stay healthy and in shape, you certainly don’t need to over complicate your nutrition with pre and post workout shakes, BCAAs and thermogenic fat burners.

Final Thoughts

1). When it comes to everyday nutrition, don’t over complicate things, just keep it simple.

2). A colorful plate of fresh, whole foods, lots of water and maybe a multivitamin is enough to give your body the fuel it needs to keep you strong and healthy.

3). If you feel you may need extra help with your nutrition or are worried you may be lacking in certain nutrients, you can always speak to your physician who can advise you of any supplements you may need.

Thank you, Helen, for sharing your insights and perspectives with us! Here at Quarks we’re proud to offer you the cleanest, healthiest, freshest option in all of Central Minnesota.

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