Every Day = Heart Day

(Quarks owner, Adam Schulte, reflects on why heart health matters more than just one month out of twelve in today’s blog).

I find it interesting how we, as people, make up all kinds of “focus” initiatives – such as heart month.  Are you ready for this reality?  Every day is heart day.  Without your heart, you are dead, dead, dead. So why do we make short term focus initiatives when we need to be be aware of the importance of this daily?

Eating healthfully, exercising, laughing, crying – all these things help your heart every single day.  This isn’t just a monthly thing within a 12 month cycle. It’s your life. It’s your everything.  Really, it is.  Spend a moment and think about it.Better yet, spend a moment, a good solid quiet moment and listen to your heart beat. Feel it. That feeling, that sound is life at its’ basic core pumping energy throughout your body.  The heart is special, not just because it’s the life force that keeps us upright, but because we attach feelings to it such as emotions.  Do you attach emotional feelings to your pancreas, your liver, kidneys, spleen?  Maybe, but probably only due to having issues with that particular organ, such as a kidney stone (you don’t want one of those – trust me!), etc.

There was a college basketball coach, Jim Valvano, who was dying of cancer. With his last days of meaningful life, he stood at the podium of the Espy awards and stated a phrase that lives on in infamy to this day:  You should do three things everyday:  Laugh. Spend time in thought (think).  Have your emotions moved to tears (happiness or joy).  Do these three things everyday, and you will have something special.

What does that have to do with heart month? Well, emotions are part of your heart, and science has a lot to say about how emotions play a role in your heart health.  A healthy heart isn’t just about eating right or exercising everyday; it also has a lot to do with emotions and love.

Laughing everyday relieves stress and changes your mood.  That is good for your heart.

Spending time in thought allows you to slow down, which can be a very difficult thing for all of us to do, and this slowing down, this pausing, this meditating and reflecting can be good for the heart.

Having your emotions moved to tears – this can be a really good thing, or a bad thing for your heart, depending on why you were moved to tears.  When I really think about Lisa (my beautiful wife) or our girls, my emotions are moved to tears, as I have so much love for them, and I know they have so much love for me.  I know that I am blessed, as so many people do not have that deep, deep love that propels their lives forward in such a positive and profound heart healthy way.

Living from a place of love is beneficial for our hearts. In choosing to love, we are moved away from the place of negativity (which can stress you out and punish your heart). Understanding this and daily choosing to make this choice has had a profound affect on me. Daily, I get to make the choice:  out with the negative, in with the positive.  This is good for my heart. Add in eating healthfully, a little exercise, a lot of laughing, some crying, and time spent in reflective thought, and I have a daily, not just monthly, elixir of greatness for my heart. An elixir that I can carry with me every day, every month, and every year.

I love my heart. Start loving yours, and maybe, positivity will overcome your heart. And, as positivity overcomes your heart, every beat will then pump goodness throughout your body. And as those beats of goodness fill your body, it will bring about transformation – which we will all be able to see. And transformation inspire us. It becomes contagious, challenging and encouraging other hearts to beat healthfully – physically, emotionally, and in all the ways that matter.

Life moves with every beat of your heart.

Make every beat worth it.