Fresh Convenience


(He’s keepin’ it real this week on the blog. No diggity. Our owner, Adam, shares with you his thoughts on getting fresh).

It’s the New Year and a fresh start is what most of us desire & what many strive for.
Let’s talk about the FRESH up front and right away.  What does the word “fresh” mean to you?  I am a Gen X-er, which means fresh is synonymous with the Fresh Prince of Bel Air.  All kidding aside, I really, and I mean really, get annoyed with the over-usage of the word fresh. So many places proudly flaunt this phrase in their marketing that it has become a nothing adjective in the mainstream of our culture.  Fresh this, fresh that, fresh, fresh, fresh.

In fact, as I am writing this, I googled the word. The results on the first page had nothing to do with what we would consider the term “fresh” to mean. Three skin care lines, one electrical energy reference, and two different movies were featured. I’m not sure about the Samuel L. Jackson one, but the documentary by Ana Sofia Joanes exploring healthier, sustainable food options, might be worth watching!

If you look it up, here is what the definition experts say about the word “fresh.”

Fresh: (of food) recently made or obtained; not canned, frozen, or otherwise preserved.

Wow!!!!!  So, how many places actually make their products according to the terms fresh?  Certainly not the big chain restaurants out there.

When we compare the definition of “fresh” with the practices of the fast food restaurant industry, we find some disturbing shortfalls.  Here’s one example – pre-cut, pre-bagged veggies.  Sources that provide vegetables already chopped or pre-cut and packaged in bags may not be the cleanest or “freshest” option. Multiple articles on this subject state that most, if not all, veggies that come pre-cut and bagged go through a “chemical bath” or an irradiation process to eradicate microbes and bacteria.  Some argue that this makes them “safer” for consumption. But, does it? Would you consider fruits and vegetables “fresh” if they go through the process of chemical baths or irradiation to make shelf-life and packaging  more sustainable? It just doesn’t add up to the definition of “fresh,” as I read it. Most people choose pre-cut, pre-packaged fruits & vegetables from supermarkets. Or they pride themselves on “eating healthy” out at restaurants that obtain most of their produce in bagged format. If you want to read more about this, you can learn more here, but I’ll summarize for you the four basic arguments against pre-cut, pre-bagged veggies.

1). They have a bigger carbon footprint.
2). They’re not necessarily cleaner.
3). They’re (much) more expensive.
4) They’re not as healthy.

So … what’s a person supposed to do? Especially in our crazy busy world? When we need convenience?

Here’s the deal.  Eat at Quarks. Why? Because all but two of our produce products come in boxes straight from the farm fields.  First, we do a very thorough process of cleaning and rinsing all our veggies. Then, we hand chop our veggies. Everyday. Just for you.  It is exactly what the definition says. Real. Fresh. Not an overused, abused word, but the real deal.

And, to make things better for you, we make it as convenient as possible. We intentionally designed everything from our bento bowls to our mobile app to make it quick, easy, and portable for you – and your busy life. Stop in and taste what REAL FRESHNESS is like. Notice the difference, see the quality, and feel the health benefits of eating REAL, FRESH produce.

Guess what? We also make our signature sauces FRESH. Daily. Just for you.  These amazing blends are created from scratch, with fresh chopped veggies and herbs. No “chemical baths” or radiation treatments. Just real, fresh, healthy ingredients without artificial anything. We make fresh, FRESH.

Now, if I could just get the real Fresh Prince to rap about us, that would be even more FRESH!

But in the meantime, until I do, check out these local Minnesota youth rapping about all that’s right with growing your own veggies. Best line? “All this talk about guns and the drugs, pretty serial; but look at what they feeding you all. That’s what’s really killing us.” Mic drop.