From Quarks: With Love

Alright ladies and gents … Valentines Day is coming up! Are you one of the last minute gift givers, scanning the card isle at 10 pm the night before or do you put meticulous thought into picking out something perfect for that special someone? According to surveys, only about 55% of Americans celebrate Valentines Day, but the most popular gift items remain the same traditional staples: lingerie, jewelry, flowers, chocolates and cards.

To help you really get to the heart of your gift giving, we’ve come up with our own Top 5 List of Greatest Valentines Day presents. And best of all, you can get every single one of them right at Quarks!

1. Ahi Tuna = Nothing fishy about it. Our Ahi Tuna is sashimi grade tuna, lightly seared in sesame oil and coated with sesame seeds on one side. The enticingly beautiful pink color will be sure to stir your beloved’s heart. Plus, tuna is high in Omega-3s which can help reduce the risk of heart disease.

2. Chia Seeds = This really is a three for one deal. When you throw our SuperSeed blend (chia, hemp, and sesame seeds) on top of your already overflowing bento bowl, you give your heart an Omega-3 superpower punch. Plus, your palate gets that oh-so-satisfying crunch.

3. Brown Rice = It’s not dirty – it’s healthy! While refined & processed grains with gluten have been noted to have adverse health affects, whole grains (especially brown rice) can reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease.

4.Green Tea = Perfectly blended to go with our Quarks sauces and locally made, all our teas are high in anti-oxidants. Besides being light, refreshing, and delicious, green tea has the added benefit of lowering coronary artery disease.

5. Dark Chocolate = These flavanols are going to be your Flavor-ite! The flavanols in dark chocolate, specifically chocolate containing 70% or greater cocoa – like our K’UL chocolate bars – can improve blood flow and platelet health.

So why do we provide all these (and more) wonderful, disease-fighting, heart health boosting items in our restaurant? Simple. We care about you. No really, we mean it. We CARE about you – you’re essential to our community, to our city, to us. We want you to be the best you that you can be. And so your heart and your health matters. It’s why we choose to only serve and provide foods that enhance your quality of life and improve your health every time you eat them. Yes. Every time. What other fast food restaurant could claim that?

Consider it our year-round Valentines gift to you!

(Kim VanGilder, our Marketing Director, writes the blog this week with a heart that’s full and happy, as she’s traveling back to the USA).