Giving Good {Pt. 1} – Butts, Pots, Bowls & More

(This week on our blog thoughts come straight (no chaser!) from the passionate & creative brain of owner, Adam Schulte).


Ready for the Christmas season yet? 

What? Did you say that the Christmas season started months ago already?

I’m the type that prefers to take one season, one holiday, one day off at a time so I can actually enjoy that particular season or event as it should be. I personally don’t care for Black Friday or Cyber Monday events and sales that last for months.

Bah humbug, right?

Well, no!  I enjoy the Christmas season as much as I can! Now that Lisa & I have two little ones, it’s an especially fun time of year. As we age, it’s amazing to see ourselves transition through life. As a kid, could you even imagine looking to the future and saying to yourself, “Yep, I’d rather give. I’d rather see the faces and experience the emotions that go with giving because that would mean more to me than being given a gift.”


There’s no way you could have envisioned that.  That would be as crazy as say, our food in Central MN! 

I digress.

Let’s talk about some real stories here, and good gift ideas for the season that is, or is it “tis?”

I’m a Christian, and for me, this time of year can be conflicting as I celebrate the birth of my Savior. Black Friday events STILL going on with no end in sight. Christmas songs being played 24 hours a day everyday through Christmas. The rush and the busyness of the holidays. Everything being incredibly commercialized. I find myself wondering if there even is any room left for Christ in Christmas?

And that leads me to discuss what is going on here at Quarks this Christmas season.  As I began my thought process about blogging this week, I found myself reflecting on Jesus and his birth.  And because of what we’re doing here at Quarks, that led me into thinking about Jesus as a human being, and not as Christ the King.  (Bear with me here as it will all come back around and make sense, I hope.)

So, Jesus was a baby, and what did Jesus wear?  Swaddling clothes we are told (as found in the gospel of Luke chapter 2).  But, But, Butt … what about his diapers?  Seriously, what did Mary use?  What did any parent do back then with their babies when it came to “diaper time?”

As I researched that time period and culture, I became fascinated by what I found. And the more I researched, the more I began to question what we currently do with our babies. Honestly, back a couple thousand years, they may have been onto something that was far more sustainable. Here is what Mary did with Jesus, according to historical commentary on that era – Jesus wore nothing to cover his butt.  Children during those times would be swaddled in clothes, but their bottom and private area would be exposed to the elements. Really. Parents would keep a pot nearby so that when the baby needed to or started to potty, they would simply grab the baby and the pot. They potty trained babies.  Not toddlers like we do today, but babies. So, when you’re thinking about Christmas this season, and you pass by an outdoor nativity and see the baby Jesus, just remember … Mary had a pot to drag around and clean. That is if she got Jesus to the pot in time in the first place. 

“Where in the world are you going with all this, Adam?” 

Here’s the point:  Quarks is part of a BIG LOCAL initiative called Operation Baby New Year. Their goal is to provide 200,000 diapers for local babies and families by January 1st. This is the 2nd year that Operation Baby New Year has partnered with many of the local businesses to tangibly care for our Central Minnesota communities.


If you have ever had to deal with the cost of purchasing diapers, you know, this is a BIG deal – especially for families that are financially struggling. As parents of two little ones I can attest to this.

As a man, I never in my wildest dreams, thought that I would be so excited to get diapers as a gift for our children, but let me tell you, when people would give us those packages – it was AWESOME!!!  That’s right, it was awesome to get a gift that caught the “essence” of what this Christmas season is all about. Thoughtful giving. Useful giving.  Thankful giving.  

I mean, I guess we could go back in time and start giving out clay pots again.  At least they were reusable right? (Just like our bento bowls).


Oh, by the way, Quarks is a drop off spot for Operation Baby New Year and the diapers. And, in the spirit of giving, if you donate and drop off 50 or more diapers, you get a free Quarks American Bento meal.


Get in the Christmas spirit – no, not by peeing in a pot – but by giving. By making life a little easier for local moms & dads this season. The diaper drive goes on from December 1st – January 1st.

FYI – Our BEST in St. Cloud steak is Bottom (Butt) Sirloin. See? I told you, it really does all tie together! Merry Christmas! 😉 – Adam Schulte