Giving Good {Pt. 2} – Deserts, Desserts, & What You Deserve

{This is the second part of a 2-part blog written by our owner, Adam Schulte).


During this Christmas season I am reminded of God’s grace.  I truly believe that there is no better gift given to us as a human species.  But, grace is divine.  We are also reminded at this time of year of the basics.  In the last blog, I wrote about how basic having diapers is, especially for families who are financially struggling.  In this life, however, there is really only one basic gift that outshines every other gift.

Good health. Without good health, the good life can be miserable.

We as Americans are venturing into uncharted waters.  A recent report has stated that our lifespan has reached it’s climax . Also, for the first time in memory, our life spans are in decline.  This is sobering to think about, especially with all the health advances of the last century.  I enjoy researching health and the “causes” for it’s demise in humanity. There are all sorts of ideas, theories, fake stories, and data that any person can point to or quote to prove their perspective.  But, in terms of proliferating good health, there is ONE idea, ONE theory, that has data to back it up:  Eating less but eating better.

Why is Quarks important for the community?  Have you ever heard of food deserts? Here is the definition from the USDA:

“Food deserts are defined as parts of the country vapid of fresh fruit, vegetables, and other healthful whole foods, usually found in impoverished areas. This is largely due to a lack of grocery stores, farmers’ markets, and healthy food providers.”

You can go ahead and claim that big burrito is healthy.  It really isn’t.  You can pretend to think that a processed sub sandwich is healthy. No, it’s not.  You can say, “Well, I put lettuce, pickles, & tomatoes on my burger.” But we know what you’re really saying.


Here at Quarks we’ve designed a perfect whole meal – with real, fresh, high quality food designed to IMPROVE your life.  Fast, actually healthy, appealing to eat and affordably priced whole body nutrition.  It’s a concept that many in the fast food industry claim to have, but haven’t honestly been able to create. We believe we have the solution and product to back it up. We only serve food that improves your quality of life – that affects every decision we make, including what type of beverages and desserts we stock! (Which, by the way, we’ll have an exciting NEW announcement soon in that department – so stay tuned). 

Having a Quarks restaurant in a community means there’s no food desert.  It means that there is a REAL option for eating healthy, conveniently. Our bento bowls are designed to take away the guilty feeling of eating poorly. Our foods will never leave you with that crappy feeling you get 20 minutes after eating a burger, processed sub, or big burrito.  Eating Quarks will not only leave you feeling good, but it will help boost your daily performance in every area of your life.  We at Quarks are desperately trying to educate the public in this area.

It’s vitally important for you to understand this.

Every time you eat at Quarks, you are investing in YOU. Every time you eat at Quarks, you are actually investing in your community. By supporting us and helping us grow, there may come a point in time where Quarks can help solve the food desert situation, as well as the health care dilemma we are facing as a nation and a culture. Every time you eat at Quarks or recommend Quarks to a friend, you are bettering yourself and helping your community by reducing the chances of obesity, diabetes, high blood pressure, depression, heart disease, stroke, cancer, high cholesterol, and the list goes on.

It can be difficult to buy REAL health for the friends/family/co-workers that you’re shopping for this holiday season.  The idea of buying health may sound “boring.” But it could be the greatest gift you can give to someone.  Think about it.  When you give someone a Quarks gift card, they then will feel better, perform better, or even live longer – as they choose to invest in healthy eating.  It may be the most thoughtful gift you could give them. It shows that you care deeply for them. That you want them to be around longer, to perform at their peak, to feel better about themselves.  It shows that you care enough to give them the best. That you want to invest in them being the best version of themselves. (Employers, are you listening?) 

Invest in YOU, in YOUR LOVED ONES, in YOUR COMMUNITY. Let’s advance our age threshold and end food deserts.  Let’s give the gift of health.  Spread the word for us, and act like the shepherds who visited the baby Jesus that first advent season. Tell everyone the good news of what has happened in St Cloud, MN.

Quarks for Christmas. Quarks for life.