Guest Blog: The Quarks Effect // Cliff Robbins

(For the past several weeks we’ve been bringing you the voices of various local business owners and entrepreneurs, each sharing their perspective on how clean eating fuels their passions and powers their lives. We’re continuing our series with some new faces [who’ve been to some incredible places] this month – from derby to Tiebele, you won’t want to miss the ride!)

This week on our blog, we’re pleased to feature the talents and ideas of Cliff Robbins, founder of Cohlab Digital Marketing. Cohlab understands the needs of small businesses and works at maximizing their impact through online marketing and SEO web & mobile design.

Cohlab is a google partner – this means they have maximum capability for helping you acheive all your SEO needs, ranking & reputation management, and for handling all your Google needs. Cohlab focuses on all the web details so small business owner can concentrate on running their businesses – something that’s so important in today’s culture!

Focus is a big deal – and loss of focus can mean loss of momentum, loss of potential revenue, loss of passion. But, as you’ve already read in one of our previous blogs, keeping focused as an entrepreneur or small business owner can be incredibly difficult. Today Cliff shares one of his keys to keeping a sharp focus:

(Thanks Cliff for such a great way to visually communicate the benefits of clean eating! We love the creativity generated in our community! From a vblog this week to the vibrant artistry of Sarah Drake on next week’s blog, we’re committed to showing you how clean eating is impacting our Central MN region).