Guest Blog: “The Quarks Effect” Series // Donna Roerick

(This week’s blog is guest written by Donna Roerick, CNC, CNHP. Donna is a Traditional Naturopath who combines her expertise in nutritional counseling with Dr. Mark’s skills as a chiropractor to provide wholistic care for anyone who comes to Advantage Chiropractic).

It’s March and it’s time to check in with those wonderful New Year’s Resolutions! Did you make a resolution for “healthy eating” and somehow get derailed? Advantage Chiropractic and Quark’s American Bento will help you get back on track.

Here’s how we do that: For my nutrition clients at Advantage Chiropractic, we rediscover the reason we set this goal in the first place.  Was it realistic and attainable?  Yes, but when it only affects us personally it becomes less important.  The goals for the family or business might take priority and so we forget or forgo our own needs.   There are many ways that eating healthy or unhealthy will affect not only you, but also will affect your business and ultimately your family life.   When our clients realize their health affects everyone around them, this usually reinforces their desire for the goal of a healthy lifestyle. At Advantage Chiropractic we focus on a healthy nervous system, and Dr. Mark does his best work on your spine to release any nerve interference.

But what happens when you leave our office?  Are you feeding that nerve with whole nutrient dense foods while it heals, or are you stressing out that nerve by eating processed food causing your adjustment to not last? A healthy “whole” you is important to everyone you come in contact with.  If you become sick, will a family member have to care for you?  Will they have to take time off of work?  Will this affect the family financially?  Clean eating, like options available at Quarks, not only helps to keep a person from getting sick, but also helps a person to recover faster if something does happen. Healthy choices also affect a person’s work performance.  Not only will a person need fewer sick days, but their team will benefit from everyone being present.

When your body has the right nutrients from colorful vegetables and lean protein sources, stress levels are reduced and productivity increases. Can you imagine going into an important meeting with brain fog simply because you ate the wrong food choices at lunch?  Is there any excuse for this happen? Especially when we have Quarks American Bento right down the street? Yes, sometimes it is time consuming to plan and prep for a healthy lunch every day of the week.  But if you struggle with that, Quarks can do all of the prepping for you! Nothing but wonderful, nutrient dense flavorful options at your fingertips!

And if you’re a business professional, wouldn’t it be a treat to bring a potential client to a place that serves a fast, flavorful, healthy lunch or dinner?  People who care about themselves will care about others and your clients will see this, too. At Quarks, you don’t need to choose between healthy, flavorful or satisfying.  When you eat a meal there, you get all this and more!

We all need to realize our personal health choices do affect the rest of our community as well.  Advantage Chiropractic and Dr. Mark Roerick are excited about partnerships like ours with Quark’s American Bento.  We’re building a better community together – one great health decision at a time.

(Quarks is pleased to partner with many local businesses, entrepreneurs, artists, activists, and health practitioners – like Advantage Chiropractic – to truly make St. Cloud GREATER).