Guest Blog: The Quarks Effect Series // Lucille Guinta-Bates

My name is Lucille and I am a 50-year-old college professor.  I’m also a dancer.  I studied ballet as a young girl and then modern and jazz dance in college but life became complicated so I took a 25-year hiatus from dance. Two years ago, I dusted off my pointe shoes and got back to work.

Healthy eating has always been important to me. During my 20s, 30s, and 40s I did remain physically active. However, during that time I dealt with some very stressful life situations and I set aside many of my healthier eating habits. My weight crept up from 140 lbs., which was my college weight, to a high of 185.  About 8 years ago I joined a health club and managed to knock off 10 lbs., but then I plateaued at 175 for a long time. Two years ago, my passion for dance reignited, and I got serious about physical conditioning.  Weight loss wasn’t my primary objective. I am a body positive person and I learned to love my self just as I looked.

I began running and training for 5Ks, drastically reducing my processed sugar and flour intake and then increasing my protein and fiber consumption.  Over about a 16 month period my weight gradually decreased, and I became stronger and stronger. I am now back to 140 lbs. I believe I’m even more physically fit than I was in college. In addition, my cholesterol and trygicerides drastically lowered.  For several years, my MD wanted me to take statins and I refused.  It turned out that a healthy lifestyle was exactly what I needed to fix my problem.

When I discovered Quarks, I found a perfect match for my new lifestyle. Quarks is tasty and very satisfying for me. It’s a perfect light dinner before an evening of dance class and rehearsal after a day of college teaching.  Once you give up fast food and junk food, healthy foods like tuna, avocado, almonds, and veggies become tasty and satisfying.  I generally prepare all my own food at home, but when I’m too busy to find that time Quarks is the perfect substitute and I am happy to have them as part of my #50andfabulous life!

If you want to come and dance with me, I teach Adult Beginning Ballet every Monday at 4:30pm at Revolver Studios. I also coordinate a community dance collective called Gotta Dance. We hold community classes on most Saturdays at StudioJeff in St. Cloud. In addition, I am performing April 28th in the Minnesota Dance Ensemble’s production of Carmen at the Paramount Theatre.  I believe that everyone has the right to dance no matter your body size, shape, age, or ability.  There is no “cut off.”  Come join us!

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