Guest Blog: “The Quarks Effect” Series // Tami Huberty

(We’re so excited to share with you the story of Tami Huberty, local owner of MOTR/female entrepreneur/running mom – read and be inspired!)

Three years ago in April my family and I changed our eating habits. In general, we ate fairly well, mostly homemade meals and we didn’t eat out much. But then, in April 2014, I was introduced to “clean eating” and learned that there are certain foods that are better for you than others.  I started to clean out my pantry and replace “unhealthy” foods with healthier options.

I started with oils – tossed vegetable and canola oil into the garbage and bought olive oil, grapeseed oil and coconut oil to cook and bake with instead. I then used up all the packaged foods – stovetop, pasta roni, hamburger helper, etc. I buy very little packaged foods now and if I do they don’t have additives, preservatives, or dyes in them. I learned to read food & nutrition labels and understand what I was putting into my body and the bodies of my family. I also started to “clean up” old family favorites, such as replacing sugar with stevia, honey or pure maple syrup or find recipes that are “clean.”

After changing our eating habits, I learned to meal plan, which made healthy eating so much easier. If I don’t have a menu planned for the week, I set myself up for failure and choose less healthy options. However, I’m not perfect and I do still like to have the occasional piece of cake or slice of pizza. In general we follow the 80/20 rule:  80% of my food is from whole foods (fruits, veggies, protein) and the other 20% is from other options. Eating healthier is a lifestyle, not a diet. Although, I must say that as my food choices changed and I started to eat clean foods my body felt better. I definitely had more energy!

About 8 months after cleaning up my foods, I bought a Moms on the Run franchise and began the St. Cloud Area Moms on the Run. We started our first 18 week spring/summer season in April 2015. This was a natural transition for me since I’ve always enjoyed running; but once I cleaned up my foods, I felt better than I had ever felt in the past. Running became much easier for me due to eating clean foods. I was a casual runner doing a 5K here or there, but after cleaning up my foods, I began to run more seriously because it felt good and became easier. Just this past year I completed my first marathon in May and ran another one in October. My joy and excitement for running increased and much of it had to do with the fact that I felt better due to putting more nutritious foods into my body.

I love coaching ladies to learn to run and to increase their speed and endurance through our signature 18 week season that begins at the end of each April. If you’re interested in learning how to start a running program, click here! I’m really excited to start my 3rd year of coaching. I’ve enjoyed over the past few years being a part of the lives of ladies that have ran very little, if at all. It’s so rewarding to help someone go from walking to fully running 5Ks and longer distances! Many of those who have ran in the past with Moms on the Run continue to love running, making it a part of their weekly routine.  Along with coaching others to run, I enjoy introducing them to clean eating and teaching them about healthier food options than the typical boxed,prepared, or fast foods. I am extremely excited that Quarks came to St Cloud. There is finally a healthy, nutritious fast food option in St Cloud that I can recommend to others!