Guest Blog: The Quarks Effect // Suzy Contusion

(We’re wrapping up our current blog series, “The Quarks Effect” (for now) and we’ve saved one of the best for last! Erica Karger-Gatzow, aka Suzy Contusion, of the S.C.A.R. Dolls shares how clean eating not only impacts her as a derby doll but also as a great teammate)!

I love going to restaurants. There is something supremely satisfying about having your meal prepared for you and, maybe even better, not having to wash dishes afterward! However, I rarely eat out because the meals are often a splurge on my wallet and on my stomach. But after eating at Quarks I feel awesome- I love eating all the fresh food. Quarks never makes me feel weighed down and lazy, but instead feel like I could deadlift a bus. I know a meal at Quarks will be SUPER healthy and definitely never wimpy.

When I eat healthy, it makes the other healthy choices in my life easier to make. Eating healthier motivates me to work out, which makes it easier for me to prioritize sleep. Rested and energized, I am able to show appreciation to my loved ones and have a good attitude. I feel great and it reinforces the desire to eat healthy. Of course, the opposite is just as true; unhealthy eating makes me feel lazy, which makes it easier to avoid sleep, and so on. Quarks is an easy, healthy choice and makes all the other healthier choices in my life more manageable.

The first rule you learn in roller derby is, “Find a buddy”. You are always a stronger blocker when you are near someone, when you help one another. Helping each other goes beyond the game, too. The women on the league are close friends, not because we sit around and gab over martini’s at lunch. It’s because we’re busy running our not-for-profit league and we’re living our lives at the same time. When I step out of my car at practice, I remind myself that I need to set all my other stuff aside and be there for my team. I look people in the eyes and smile, I ask about their week, I find new skaters to partner with, I encourage others, and I take responsibility. If I’m doing that, my teammates are more likely to do that, too.

The same applies to each skater’s healthy behaviors. Our healthy choices are contagious. As a S.C.A.R. Doll, if you see a skater working hard or making healthy choices, it makes you want to be better. If we can be that for one another and leave practice feeling stronger, I think we’re more prepared to face the rest of our life challenges. If we do that for each other at practice, it’s got to show a difference with our families, in our neighborhoods, and where we work. Being healthy just becomes the norm. It’s what we do.

Headshot by Steve Diamond Elements

All action photos by SnapChad

(We love what you do, S.C.A.R. Dolls! The way you support our community and show how women can be strong, powerful, and athletic is so amazing. Thank you for helping truly make St. Cloud a greater place! The Dolls Home Team Championship Show is coming up May 6th at the River’s Edge Convention Center! Get your tickets – before they’re sold out!)