#HungerForBetter – 2017

(These New Year wishes come directly to you from our owner, Adam Schulte).

Happy 2017!  Enough with 2016 already! Hunger for Better!  Do you? Really?

This can apply to anything in your life.  #HungerForBetter is our 2017 campaign.  With a tumultuous 2016 behind us, what type of feelings do you have going into the new year?

I’ve read much about how 2016 was such a mix of negativity and uncertainty that it significantly affected many industries and lives. For many, facing 2017 is a welcomed relief.  Funny how a new day, a new month, a new year can skew how we look and feel about life.  It’s like your birthday, do you really feel any older on that day? Is your life drastically different because of the change of one calendar day?

Many people begin a new year with a purging of the past and with a heightened sense of excitement and opportunity.

“I’m going to be better this year!”

“This year is going to be so much better.”

Great!  So how are you going to go about this?  Are you going to make a list?  Are you going to sign up for things with the hope that you’ll stick with it?  Are you going to talk about it profusely to anyone that will listen about the changes you plan on making this 2017?

The key to being successful at accomplishing your goals is actually very straightforward and clear. Open your mind to the change, attach positive emotions to that change, and then keep that open mind the rest of your life. That’s it. How simple right? Here in Minnesota we say, “You betcha!”

I realize that it isn’t as simple as that, but in reality it can be and here’s why:  Studies are showing that “too much” invades our thoughts to the point of not seeing life simply and clearly. This, in turn, creates a sense of loss of control which then leads to us sticking with safe, usual, comfortable habits or patterns. That can keep us in the same cycle that we desperately want to end.

Keeping things simple is how you make lasting changes stick.  First, make the decision to initiate a positive change in your life, so you (and other lives around you) can benefit.  Here is where it gets not so simple.  You have to be in the frame of mind to WANT to make the change.  Have you heard about smokers that try and try and try without success to make the change to quit smoking?  The successful quitters are the ones that really want to make the change happen.  They are mentally and emotionally invested in making the change, which makes it harder for them to deviate from their goals. Start with your openness to change. Create within yourself a positive emotional and mental attachment to that change.  You have to attach emotions to action in order to change your reality.

#HungerForBetter =  It’s a very simple slogan, but embracing it can keep us open to all kinds of change.  We can teach ourselves to crave it.

Hunger for Better can be applied to anything in your life, as I stated before.  But there are basic principles that fundamentally affect our health and even our ability to make different choices and implement change in our lives.
1. Rest.  You need appropriate rest.  As an owner, and founder of a new, startup concept, I know first hand the need for appropriate rest. Rest resets your mind, your body, and your entire makeup as a human being.  Appropriate rest sets up your entire day for success.  Get it – if you want to help yourself be better and make life-changing changes.

2. Eat good food.  Eat appropriate amounts.  Along with rest, eating nutritionally beneficial food can change your life the most. And this will help you sleep better, too!  When you eat good for you food in the appropriate amounts, you feed your mind the nutrients it needs to help you be happier. Eating good for you food affects your mind POSITIVELY.  Poor eating habits affect your mind negatively in the long term.  You might get a “happy” satisfaction out of eating highly salty foods, highly sweet desserts, or foods with heavy fat saturation, but that “happy” sensation will be fleeting. Later, as your body attempts to digest those foods, you will not feel so good within. These uncomfortable physical feelings cause unhappy and negative emotions and thoughts. Eating good for you food makes you feel better in the short term and in the long term, as it can help make life improvements in many areas. Want lower blood pressure? Want improved mental health? Want more energy? Want a better body? Better sleep?  Better sex?  It really goes on and on.

At Quarks we make it easy to eat healthfully every day. Our bento bowls taste amazing – making food that’s better for you, taste better, too!  Our food will help you feel better, which will help you make more positive changes in the future.  You get more value for the money you spend by eating good for you food. That is the truth.  We have the best VALUE menu in all of St. Cloud, because we help you feel better, now and later. Simple.

With our #HungerForBetter campaign, we’re offering an exciting deal for the month of January. We’re thrilled to partner with Kari Collet, RDN, CLT from A to Zinc Nutrition. Kari is a certified dietitian and nutritionist. She’ll be hosting a month long course (The Macro Series) designed to give you simple truths and tips for eating better.  Your healthy and delicious dinner and beverage are included in the 45 minute class. Cost is only $5 each session. There will be 3 featured sessions (focusing on Macro Nutrition Elements). Limit 12 people per class. Plan to attend each session, as Kari will cover a different topic each time. You can reserve your spot on the list by calling us at (320) 774-1289 or by signing up/indicating your interest on the class event pages. Click on each event to learn more:

Monday, Jan. 16th session. 6:30-7:15 pm = The MACRO Series: Protein

Monday, Jan. 23rd session. 6:30-7:15 pm = The Macro Series: Fat

Monday, Jan. 30th session. 6:30-7:15 pm = The Macro Series: Carbohydrates

There really are no guilty choices here at Quarks. We offer lower calorie, lower sodium, lower sugar options with NO artificial anything and we’re better tasting.  We serve up good clean food, made in Minnesota, because we #HungerForBetter every day.

So goodbye 2016. Hello 2017. We’re ready for a change. We #HungerForBetter.