Power your team with Quarks!

Do you have a meeting or event and need to fuel up your people?

We have 2 great ways to fulfill our promise to larger groups.

Absolutely anything you select from our menu will be healthy, taste great and will give your group the energy to focus and have fun as well as the fuel for creativity. We know because we have provided fast easy meals for the top level athletes at the Granite Games and the hard working teachers of the Rocori school district and many more.

You have these two choices:

#1 Ready, quick and easy

We will provide you with a simple to read sheet that you can pass around to your team so they can easily order exactly what they want from our amazing menu. Each individual will have their name written on the lid to quickly pass out when your delivery is made. This provides a quick grab and go system to get everyone eating at the same time. To cut down on garbage at your event each meal is delivered in a sealed, reusable container that most people take home and love! This first plan is ultimately your most cost effective.

#2 Traditional Family Style

We transport, set up and operate a buffet style line that starts with our popular sealable bowl to encourage reuse and reduce unnecessary waste at your event. To keep it easy and simple for your guests to move through the line you have the option of offering your choice of one or both of our hormone and antibiotic free chicken breast or specialty cut steak. You can add a combination of white or brown rice, vegetables and round it off with a selection of house made sauces. To keep your meal time on track and avoid a slow line we suggest you keep your selection of options to the most popular and Lisa is an expert when it comes to feeding hungry crowds when you give her a call, she will assist you with your plan.

“I have worked with Lisa and the Quarks team in catering several events for our company, I want to express my appreciation to their wonderful healthy food options, exemplary customer service and organization, they never fail to exceed expectations.

I have used Quarks for several small intimate and high profile lunches and dinners and my guests have raved over the quality of food and presentation.  They are my most asked for by name restaurant by employees and guests when our company has an event.”

-Leisha Thein,
Executive Assistant to the CEO, Microbiologics

Schlenner Wenner & Co. is on a mission to inspire, create and maintain a workplace and environment that supports and encourages each employee’s well-being.

It is believed that healthy employees can be more focused and
productive and since so many meals and snacks are eaten in the workplace we like to offer appropriate options.

Quarks American Bento features a wonderful healthy and nutritional option. Adam and Lisa have been easy to work with when they come to our location and set up buffet style lunches. Employees have several options (grains, meats, raw vegetables and sauces) and can individually customize their meals to get exactly what they want. Thank you!”

-Kristen Semerad
Marketing/Event Coordinator | Schlenner Wenner & Co

With options between $8.25 to $10.25 per guest you can make a positive impact by providing a meal that is customizable, healthy, filling and tastes great AND stays within your budget.

Our catering and event meals are easy to eat with a fork so hands and faces stay clean and easy to clean up because most guests love to bring our reusable bowls home so call Lisa today and she will help you power your team!

Call For Details: 320.774.1289 or

Email: Lisa@quarksamericanbento.com

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There is a 20% service charge on all family style catering orders.


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