Saucesome Pairings

Want to know what makes Quarks so deliciously different and irresistable? (Well, besides our high-quality meats, fresh chopped veggies, in-house brewed teas, K’UL chocolates … need we say more?) It’s our sauces. No joke. We’ve spent hours in the kitchen coming up with the perfect blends and essential elements needed to make these sauces clean, fresh, and as good for you as they are tasty. Each of the elements we use to build your bento bowl has a named associated with the Quarks physics elements. Our sauces are fittingly the “Charm” element of your bento bowl experience!

So, what sauce should you choose? That’s up to you! If you’re a Quarks newbie, we suggest starting with one. If you like sweet, our Ginger Lemongrass is sure to make you sing. If spice is your thing, you’ll definitely want to check out our Spicy Peanut! And if you think ketchup or ranch are the only safe choices for dressing up any Minnesota meal, you might want to give our Creamy Cucumber a whirl.

But say that you’re not a newbie. Or perhaps Adventure is your middle name. What then? Why, we suggest taking it to the next level – pairings. What should you pair? While almost any of our sauces mix and mingle well, we’ve come up with some consistent combos. Here are our insider tips on how to create a crave-worthy duo. Check them out:

Sweet & Salty = Sweet Chili and Toasted Sesame

Sweet & Sour = Sweet Chili and Ginger Lemongrass

Hot & Cool = Spicy Peanut and Creamy Cucumber

Creamy & Savory = Creamy Cucumber and Toasted Sesame

Cool Curry in a Hurry = Ginger Curry and Creamy Cucumber

Spicy Sweetie = Spicy Peanut and Sweet Chili

Chill Spice = Sweet Chili and Creamy Cucumber

And then there are THOSE people who up the ante! If you’re ready for a threesome, check out these options:

Cool My Fire = Spicy Peanut, Sweet Chili, and Creamy Cucumber

I Love My Weirdness = Ginger Curry, Sweet Chili, and Spicy Peanut

Yes, before you ask it – we have had people combine them all! The verdict? They were lost in saucesomeness! (We highly recommend sticking to pairings of 2-3). But honestly, if it sounds good to you – go ahead, try it! Want a second opinion? Check out this review of our sauces by an awesome Mother/Daughter food blogger duo!

We also offer Tamari sauce (a gluten-free soy sauce) and Sriracha sauce as additional side options. And, for those who want something lighter, we have an in-house crafted Ginger-Lime Vinegarette.

Now that you’ve found your favorite flavors, you can also take home the essence of Quarks! We bottle and sell all our sauces right here in the restaurant. A 12 oz. bottle is only $5! So grab one to go the next time you stop in!

(This mini blog is written by our Marketing Director, Kim VanGilder, who happens to be a Sweet & Salty kind of girl!)