Struggle with food allergies, intolerance’s, or sensitivities?

Each day, at Quarks, we meet someone that is here because they struggle with food allergies, intolerance’s, or sensitivities to food. It’s a serious issue that continues to worsen across the globe year after year as statistics show more people are struggling with food sensitivities. It isn’t until you listen to people’s stories every day and see the tears or the excitement, do you really start to understand and sympathize with them. Imagine not being able to go out and enjoy a meal with friends or family because food causes so many problems in your life. And that’s just you. What about those who are around you daily? They too have to take into account your needs. This creates some stress and anguish for feeling like the problem causing a party to cater to your needs instead of just being able to go out and have fun. It’s real life changing stuff, physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually and it seems to cover a whole spectrum of people.

We just had a group of six come in the other day (from greater MN and some from out of state) on their way to a conference in Brainerd. The reason they stopped in was because five of them had various dietary issues that could have prevented them from enjoying each other’s company for lunch. Imagine, five out six in your party not being able to eat this or that and then try to find a restaurant that satisfies everyone’s needs. Honestly, there really isn’t much out there for people in situations like this and this happens more often than the average American realizes. In this case, Quarks was available for all of them to enjoy a meal with each other all at the same time. The great thing about these frequent happenings is that there is more happiness and laughter out of these groups than others and they almost always stay much longer than most.


It’s actually really simple. Quarks is pure, all natural, farm fresh food. At Quarks you can customize your meal to suit your dietary needs without a server looking at you like the chef is going to chop your head off for making such particular requests.

And why is it that most of these people stay longer, laugh louder, or better yet just enjoy being out? It’s rather simple here too. It’s not very often they find a place to enjoy themselves freely with others, especially when travelling, and not worry about their bodies being contaminated. They have a safe place at Quarks, their place, and they can enjoy it without worry.

Quarks is here for most of your dietary needs and we certainly enjoy having you stay longer and laugh louder. The food you eat daily is your life blood, it’s very possible that you have food intolerance’s and don’t realize it because you’re so used to feeling… blah. Tired all the time, or are you irritable, moody, achy, depressed, or have acid re flux, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, joint pain, muscle pain, weight imbalances, or migraines?

Real farm fresh food (that is convenient) is the answer to so many issues in our world today, and that is why we say Quarks is THE FUTURE OF FOOD!

Quarks is on a mission to be the world’s leading fresh fast food company focused on making eating healthy taste great and simple for people on the go to enjoy anywhere.

If you’re feeling overwhelmed with all of this we have a great resource to offer you with A to Zinc Nutrition. Kari Collett, RDN, LDN, CLT can guide you through your personal experiences with food and help you get back on track to feeling well again.

Eat Quarks, stay longer, laugh louder and be well our friends.

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