Guest Blog: The Quarks Effect // Suzy Contusion

(We’re wrapping up our current blog series, “The Quarks Effect” (for now) and we’ve saved one of the best for last! Erica Karger-Gatzow, aka Suzy Contusion, of the S.C.A.R. Dolls shares how clean eating not only impacts her as a derby doll but also as a great teammate)! I love going to restaurants. There is something supremely satisfying about having

Guest Blog: The Quarks Effect // Sarah Drake

(Sarah Drake is the founder of herARTS in Action, a nonprofit organization that locally uses art as a tool for social change and in Burkina Faso helps to provide access to health, education and employment by starting with a water and sanitation project. Through Sarah Drake LLC, she contracts for teaching artist residencies, project/program management, social media and website design.

Guest Blog: The Quarks Effect // Cliff Robbins

(For the past several weeks we’ve been bringing you the voices of various local business owners and entrepreneurs, each sharing their perspective on how clean eating fuels their passions and powers their lives. We’re continuing our series with some new faces [who’ve been to some incredible places] this month – from derby to Tiebele, you won’t want to miss the

Guest Blog: “The Quarks Effect” Series // Tami Huberty

(We’re so excited to share with you the story of Tami Huberty, local owner of MOTR/female entrepreneur/running mom – read and be inspired!) Three years ago in April my family and I changed our eating habits. In general, we ate fairly well, mostly homemade meals and we didn’t eat out much. But then, in April 2014, I was introduced to

My Heart Beats For ….

Do you feel that? Ka-thump. Ka-thump. Ka-thump. Most likely you don’t. Unless you’re very still and checking your pulse or dripping with sweat from your recent workout. One of the strongest muscles in the human body is often the one we take most for granted. Until it doesn’t work properly. February is American Heart Month – and when paired up with

Guest Blogger // Introducing Ella

Quarks loves kids – there’s no secret about that! But, (perhaps surprisingly for some) kids REALLY love Quarks! Here are just some examples we’ve seen over the past year: Kids saving their allowance to buy bento bowls at SummerTime by George. Kids trying some surprising new things (like our soup and hot teas). Kids asking their parents to buy and

#HungerForBetter – 2017

(These New Year wishes come directly to you from our owner, Adam Schulte). Happy 2017!  Enough with 2016 already! Hunger for Better!  Do you? Really? This can apply to anything in your life.  #HungerForBetter is our 2017 campaign.  With a tumultuous 2016 behind us, what type of feelings do you have going into the new year? I’ve read much about how 2016

Remembering Means Action

“As we express our gratitude we must never forget that the highest appreciation is not to utter words but to live by them.” – President John F. Kennedy Gratitude.  This is the season for it. Somehow, sandwiched in-between the pumpkins & costumes of October and the lights & tinsel of December, we still have managed to carve a truly rare

the fittest of the fit: granite games 2016

If you’re familiar with the world of athletics, you may have heard of the Kill Clilff Granite Games. It’s a three day event, packed with grueling tasks made to push athletes from all over the world to their limit–and win the title of “Fittest” at the Granite Games. People come from all over the world, with the Online Qualifier stretching

artist profile: vince iserloth

My mom likes to tell people that her favorite piece of mine is a drawing of ET doing jumping jacks from when I was about three. If you ask her about it she’ll go into detail about how the shakey circles and crooked lines really *do* resemble whatever it was I was going for as a kid. She brings it