Guest Blog: The Quarks Effect // Suzy Contusion

(We’re wrapping up our current blog series, “The Quarks Effect” (for now) and we’ve saved one of the best for last! Erica Karger-Gatzow, aka Suzy Contusion, of the S.C.A.R. Dolls shares how clean eating not only impacts her as a derby doll but also as a great teammate)! I love going to restaurants. There is something supremely satisfying about having

Guest Blog: The Quarks Effect Series // Lucille Guinta-Bates

My name is Lucille and I am a 50-year-old college professor.  I’m also a dancer.  I studied ballet as a young girl and then modern and jazz dance in college but life became complicated so I took a 25-year hiatus from dance. Two years ago, I dusted off my pointe shoes and got back to work. Healthy eating has always

Guest Blog: The Quarks Effect // Sarah Drake

(Sarah Drake is the founder of herARTS in Action, a nonprofit organization that locally uses art as a tool for social change and in Burkina Faso helps to provide access to health, education and employment by starting with a water and sanitation project. Through Sarah Drake LLC, she contracts for teaching artist residencies, project/program management, social media and website design.

Guest Blog: The Quarks Effect // Cliff Robbins

(For the past several weeks we’ve been bringing you the voices of various local business owners and entrepreneurs, each sharing their perspective on how clean eating fuels their passions and powers their lives. We’re continuing our series with some new faces [who’ve been to some incredible places] this month – from derby to Tiebele, you won’t want to miss the

Guest Blog: “The Quarks Effect” Series // Tami Huberty

(We’re so excited to share with you the story of Tami Huberty, local owner of MOTR/female entrepreneur/running mom – read and be inspired!) Three years ago in April my family and I changed our eating habits. In general, we ate fairly well, mostly homemade meals and we didn’t eat out much. But then, in April 2014, I was introduced to

Guest Blog: “The Quarks Effect” Series // Daniel Marver

(This week we’re pumped to feature Daniel Marver, the brains & energy behind the brand new All-Star Nutrition here in central Minnesota). Being an entrepreneur, let me share with you something I’ve come to realize. The one thing they don’t teach you in school (but they probably should!) is how hard it is to manage all aspects of your life

Guest Blog: “The Quarks Effect” Series // Donna Roerick

(This week’s blog is guest written by Donna Roerick, CNC, CNHP. Donna is a Traditional Naturopath who combines her expertise in nutritional counseling with Dr. Mark’s skills as a chiropractor to provide wholistic care for anyone who comes to Advantage Chiropractic). It’s March and it’s time to check in with those wonderful New Year’s Resolutions! Did you make a resolution

Guest Blog: “The Quarks Effect” Series // Kari Collett

(Our new series, “The Quarks Effect” kicks off with Kari Collett, RDN, LDN, CLT of A to Zinc Nutrition. “The Quarks Effect” will take a look at how clean eating at Quarks impacts local businesses, entrepreneurs, artists, activists, and health practitioners, by partnering with their businesses and enabling them to pursue their passions). There are as many descriptions of the

Fresh Convenience

  (He’s keepin’ it real this week on the blog. No diggity. Our owner, Adam, shares with you his thoughts on getting fresh). It’s the New Year and a fresh start is what most of us desire & what many strive for. Let’s talk about the FRESH up front and right away.  What does the word “fresh” mean to you?  I

Guest Blogger // Introducing Ella

Quarks loves kids – there’s no secret about that! But, (perhaps surprisingly for some) kids REALLY love Quarks! Here are just some examples we’ve seen over the past year: Kids saving their allowance to buy bento bowls at SummerTime by George. Kids trying some surprising new things (like our soup and hot teas). Kids asking their parents to buy and