Guest Blog: “The Quarks Effect” Series // Tami Huberty

(We’re so excited to share with you the story of Tami Huberty, local owner of MOTR/female entrepreneur/running mom – read and be inspired!) Three years ago in April my family and I changed our eating habits. In general, we ate fairly well, mostly homemade meals and we didn’t eat out much. But then, in April 2014, I was introduced to

Guest Blog: “The Quarks Effect” Series // Daniel Marver

(This week we’re pumped to feature Daniel Marver, the brains & energy behind the brand new All-Star Nutrition here in central Minnesota). Being an entrepreneur, let me share with you something I’ve come to realize. The one thing they don’t teach you in school (but they probably should!) is how hard it is to manage all aspects of your life

Guest Blog: “The Quarks Effect” Series // Donna Roerick

(This week’s blog is guest written by Donna Roerick, CNC, CNHP. Donna is a Traditional Naturopath who combines her expertise in nutritional counseling with Dr. Mark’s skills as a chiropractor to provide wholistic care for anyone who comes to Advantage Chiropractic). It’s March and it’s time to check in with those wonderful New Year’s Resolutions! Did you make a resolution

Guest Blog: “The Quarks Effect” Series // Kari Collett

(Our new series, “The Quarks Effect” kicks off with Kari Collett, RDN, LDN, CLT of A to Zinc Nutrition. “The Quarks Effect” will take a look at how clean eating at Quarks impacts local businesses, entrepreneurs, artists, activists, and health practitioners, by partnering with their businesses and enabling them to pursue their passions). There are as many descriptions of the

The Power of “I Choose”

“The food you eat can be either the safest and most powerful form of medicine or the slowest form of poison.” – Ann Wigmore If I suggested to you that each day you can bring life or death, healing or destruction to your body, would you believe me? Or would you simply say I’m being over-dramatic? The truth is, I’m

Every Day = Heart Day

(Quarks owner, Adam Schulte, reflects on why heart health matters more than just one month out of twelve in today’s blog). I find it interesting how we, as people, make up all kinds of “focus” initiatives – such as heart month.  Are you ready for this reality?  Every day is heart day.  Without your heart, you are dead, dead, dead.

Saucesome Pairings

Want to know what makes Quarks so deliciously different and irresistable? (Well, besides our high-quality meats, fresh chopped veggies, in-house brewed teas, K’UL chocolates … need we say more?) It’s our sauces. No joke. We’ve spent hours in the kitchen coming up with the perfect blends and essential elements needed to make these sauces clean, fresh, and as good for

From Quarks: With Love

Alright ladies and gents … Valentines Day is coming up! Are you one of the last minute gift givers, scanning the card isle at 10 pm the night before or do you put meticulous thought into picking out something perfect for that special someone? According to surveys, only about 55% of Americans celebrate Valentines Day, but the most popular gift

My Heart Beats For ….

Do you feel that? Ka-thump. Ka-thump. Ka-thump. Most likely you don’t. Unless you’re very still and checking your pulse or dripping with sweat from your recent workout. One of the strongest muscles in the human body is often the one we take most for granted. Until it doesn’t work properly. February is American Heart Month – and when paired up with

What’s the #Alternative?

(This week our blog is authored by our Marketing Director, Kim VanGilder – who is working on pursuing a healthier lifestyle, even if she still eats the occasional Skittle).  Every so often a new phrase enters our lexicon and there’s no unknowing it. This week, unless you happened to be somewhere without internet, radio, or television, the words “alternative facts”