Guest Blogger // Kari Collett = Fast, Fad, or Food?

(We’re proud to share our blogspace with Kari Collett, founder of A to Zinc Nutrition and an all-around awesome individual with tons of letters after her name. She’s an RDN, LDN and CLT!) This is the time of year when we hear all kinds of information about the fastest and best ways to lose excess pounds. Commercials are rampant, product

Guest Blogger // Introducing Ella

Quarks loves kids – there’s no secret about that! But, (perhaps surprisingly for some) kids REALLY love Quarks! Here are just some examples we’ve seen over the past year: Kids saving their allowance to buy bento bowls at SummerTime by George. Kids trying some surprising new things (like our soup and hot teas). Kids asking their parents to buy and

#HungerForBetter – 2017

(These New Year wishes come directly to you from our owner, Adam Schulte). Happy 2017!  Enough with 2016 already! Hunger for Better!  Do you? Really? This can apply to anything in your life.  #HungerForBetter is our 2017 campaign.  With a tumultuous 2016 behind us, what type of feelings do you have going into the new year? I’ve read much about how 2016

Giving Good: {Pt. 3} Resting, Receiving, and You

(This final wrap up to our “Giving Good” blog series features the personal reflections of Kim VanGilder, our Marketing Director). We’ve often heard this quote:  “It’s better to give than to receive.”  There’s so much truth to that – giving expands our capacity to understand, to be generous, to love. Sometimes, however, we can continually give to the point of

Giving Good {Pt. 2} – Deserts, Desserts, & What You Deserve

{This is the second part of a 2-part blog written by our owner, Adam Schulte).   During this Christmas season I am reminded of God’s grace.  I truly believe that there is no better gift given to us as a human species.  But, grace is divine.  We are also reminded at this time of year of the basics.  In the last

Giving Good {Pt. 1} – Butts, Pots, Bowls & More

(This week on our blog thoughts come straight (no chaser!) from the passionate & creative brain of owner, Adam Schulte). Ready for the Christmas season yet?  What? Did you say that the Christmas season started months ago already? I’m the type that prefers to take one season, one holiday, one day off at a time so I can actually enjoy that


Want a simple, sure-fire way to lower your blood pressure, lessen inflammation, sleep better, and benefit from healthier heart rhythms? While a great, “Eat at Quarks” plug would fit here nicely, that’s actually not what we were going to say … this time. The answer? Gratitude. Science is proving that being thankful doesn’t just make you a nicer person, it

Remembering Means Action

“As we express our gratitude we must never forget that the highest appreciation is not to utter words but to live by them.” – President John F. Kennedy Gratitude.  This is the season for it. Somehow, sandwiched in-between the pumpkins & costumes of October and the lights & tinsel of December, we still have managed to carve a truly rare

guest blogger// Chase Binnie – quarks: the healthy fast food

This week on the blog we’re pleased to feature a guest blogger, Chase Binnie. Chase is a local, Premier real estate agent who has a passion ferreting out the small, hidden gems in our community and celebrating what makes them unique. Recently, he sat down with our owners, Adam and Lisa for an interview about all the quirks behind quarks.

the fittest of the fit: granite games 2016

If you’re familiar with the world of athletics, you may have heard of the Kill Clilff Granite Games. It’s a three day event, packed with grueling tasks made to push athletes from all over the world to their limit–and win the title of “Fittest” at the Granite Games. People come from all over the world, with the Online Qualifier stretching