the fittest of the fit: granite games 2016

If you’re familiar with the world of athletics, you may have heard of the Kill Clilff Granite Games. It’s a three day event, packed with grueling tasks made to push athletes from all over the world to their limit–and win the title of “Fittest” at the Granite Games. People come from all over the world, with the Online Qualifier stretching

artist profile: vince iserloth

My mom likes to tell people that her favorite piece of mine is a drawing of ET doing jumping jacks from when I was about three. If you ask her about it she’ll go into detail about how the shakey circles and crooked lines really *do* resemble whatever it was I was going for as a kid. She brings it

eyecare: the health we tend to forget

With the dawn of August bringing the rise of Back-to-School shopping, a time of frenzied bulk-pencil shopping and the dizzying decision of which backpack to carry for the next 10 months. In the midst of figuring out which box of crayons will be sufficient for the kids classes, we sometimes forget about the little things–like ensuring kids who need vision

from the farm to the table.

The idea that food should come right from the farm and onto your table seems, in some areas, like a country dream. Fresh, crisp, and straight from the stalk is what more and more people are looking to put into their body now, and that’s a good thing. There are tons of health benefits to eating what people have called

an SBG adventure.

As you know, Quarks has been hanging out down at Summertime by George! all summer long, and we’ve been having a blast. The summer nights, the live music, the feeling of real community in seeing all the different businesses and clubs in their element… it’s been unbeatable! In an effort to bring the magic that is SBG, we jumped on

summertime by george!

The sun shines, creating the heat that’ll beat down onto the roads and grass all across the city. That means some of the best parts of St. Cloud are coming back into the picture: the quarries, the parks, and of course… Summertime by George! Never been? Summertime by George! is a 12-week event (thus the “summertime” title!) hosted by the

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two wheeled tales: the end of the line

30 Days of Biking is coming to an end (April is almost over!) and we thought we’d finish up the series with a well-loved, massive trail called Lake Wobegon. Many of you have probably heard of it, have probably taken the various segments of the trail and have favorites. Let’s talk about it. Lake Wobegon, in its entirety, spans 62

two wheeled tales: an adventure awaits

What’d you think of the Beaver Island trail? Did you get the chance to get to biking when it was nice and warm outside? Think you’re ready for some bigger traversing? Then you need  to check out the Glacial Lakes State Trail, which spans nearly 30 miles ! Glacial Lakes State Trail is another trail that is currently in two

two wheeled tales: a downtown variety

30 Days of Biking is now officially underway–how have you been doing? How was the Rocori Trail? If you liked that one, you’re going to love our next trail feature. The Beaver Island trail is just a hop, skip, and a jump away from SCSU, which makes it easy for students to get involved in some fun, physical activity. The