The Power of “I Choose”

“The food you eat can be either the safest and most powerful form of medicine or the slowest form of poison.” – Ann Wigmore

If I suggested to you that each day you can bring life or death, healing or destruction to your body, would you believe me? Or would you simply say I’m being over-dramatic? The truth is, I’m right. The challenge isn’t whether you believe me or not, it’s whether you choose to ACT upon this belief.
Every bite that we put into our mouths is either helping us or harming us. We know all this – it’s not a matter of knowing. It’s a matter of acting on what we know.
March is National Nutrition Month – and here in our blog we can provide you with LOTS of fantastic links and resources to awesome nutritional information.
Like here.
And here.
Oh, and here’s some more.
But … you have to click them. And read them. And then choose to ACT upon the information that your brain has now consumed. The bottom line comes down to action.
You’ve heard the saying, “For everything you say yes to, you say no to something else.” Part of our problem is that we don’t want to say no to anything. We want our food to be cheap. And we want it to be nutritious. We want it to be full of sugar and fatty deliciousness. And we want it to be healthy for us. And when it’s not convenient, not cheap, or not what we’re craving, we can find plenty of excuses for why eating healthfully is too difficult, too costly, too time consuming, too ___________ (fill in the blank).
Here at Quarks we want to encourage you to eat as healthfully as possible. And we do that through numerous ways:
– Offering the cleanest, freshest meals with the most nutritional value that any fast food restaurant can boast.
– Only serving things that have real ingredients – no artificial chemicals, flavors, etc.
– Choosing to NOT have unlimited fountain pop options but rather highlight and promote beverages such as:  unsweetened in-house brewed teas, lemonade made with simple & real ingredients, herbal waters, etc.
– Being completely transparent about what’s in your food and how we make/serve it.
– Providing a 100% Gluten-Free menu.
– Partnering with health initiatives, organizations, and events that better our community as a whole.
– Bringing you monthly nutritional classes!
(You can sign up for these classes by clicking on the dates & links below. Each class is only $5 and includes your drink & dinner).
March 20th = 6:30 – 7:15 pm
April 24th = 6:30 – 7:15 pm
May 22nd = 6:30 – 7:15 pm
We love serving you and offering you all these options – but again, the choice is up to you. I could come and stand in front of you with a silver platter full of $100 dollar bills. You would still need to CHOOSE to take them and then ACT on that choice by stepping forward, reaching out, and taking the money.
Nutrition is a choice. It’s a choice that you can choose. It’s a choice that I can choose. Maybe that’s why there’s an “I” in the middle of it. Adam, our owner, shared in one of our previous guest blog posts about the difference between the “I have to” and “I get to” mentality. It’s the same principle applied here.
It’s not, “I have to eat less sugar.”
It’s, “I CHOOSE to eat less sugar.”
It’s not, “I have to increase my intake of fruits and veggies.”
It’s, “I CHOOSE to increase my intake of fruits and veggies.”
You have the power. I have the power. No matter our challenges, our circumstances, what we have or don’t have, our time constraints or cravings aside, we get to choose whether we’re helping or harming our health.
Take a moment today to stop, reflect, ask yourself some questions, and then fill in this statement related to your nutritional goals.
“This month, I CHOOSE to __________________.”
Write it on a post-it note. Text it to yourself.  Repeat it at your meal or snack times. Tweet it. Facebook it. Instagram it. Snapchat it. Do whatever it takes, so that you take ownership of it. Make a game plan. How will you accomplish this? What strategies will allow you incorporate this into your day?
You choose. I choose. We choose.
(This week’s blog is composed by Kim VanGilder – Quarks Marketing Director and Bliss tea drinker).