Why Work with a Dietitian?

(We’re pleased to feature another guest blog from Kari Collett, RDN, LDN, CLT and owner of A to Zinc Nutrition! We’ve worked with Kari on a regular basis to offer nutrition classes here at Quarks and we value her expertise & commitment to health coaching).

Why Work With a Dietitian?

I was recently visiting with a group of people following one of our delicious classes at Quarks when another person outside the group piqued an interest in what I was sharing.  When I was finished, she approached me and said, “You’re a dietitian, and you do all THAT?”  She explained further that when she heard the title dietitian, she immediately thought ‘weight loss’. A dietitian does so much more than coach people on weight loss; in fact, that’s only a small portion of what I do.

What exactly is a dietitian? Simply, a dietitian is an expert on diet and nutrition.  Truly, no other medical profession understands food and nutrients, and their impact on health the way we do.  In some ways, we are much like a doctor when we are assessing our patients.  We try to understand their symptoms, lifestyle, goals, and more.  The biggest difference is that our recommendations come in the form of foods to avoid, foods to eat, or nutrients to target instead of pharmaceuticals.

In my opinion, every symptom or disease has nutrition implications.  While food may not always be the cause of a person’s health complications or the only solution, nutrition specific to each individual does offer health support and improvement in every case.  I might even argue that a dietitian is the first person you should see when you have health complications, not your last resort when nothing else works.  The more you optimize your health with food and nutrients, the less likely you will have to take multiple or large quantities of medications.

My patients see results; food and nutrients are my only weapons but they are so powerful!  It thrills me when a patient who has been suffering from multiple gastrointestinal symptoms for years tells me she feels confident, full of energy, and overall great – with no intestinal pain or embarrassing social situations.  Another scenario that excites me is the patient who has suffered from debilitating migraines – again usually for years.  They suffer to the extent that most often they are missing a substantial number of days from work or school.  After 30 days of following my guidelines, they can have as much as 95% resolution of migraine headaches.  They have their life back.

Food and nutrients, unlike medications, target the source of the problem in the body causing problems.  With the right tools, your body is a living miracle in healing itself.  A dietitian helps in finding the right tools for each person to heal his or her body.

What if you have nothing ‘wrong’ with you? You can still benefit from visiting a dietitian if you have health or athletic optimization goals, or just general health and nutrition questions.  There are many sources of information on the market that may give you misguided information.  And even if it’s not entirely misguided, it’s not necessarily individualized and specific to you.

Is your interest piqued? No matter your health conditions, goals, or lifestyle, a dietitian can offer you unique and individual insight into improving your health and reaching your goals through the power of food and nutrition.

(For more information, contact Kari Collett, RDN, LDN, CLT.  Visit www.AtoZincNutrition.com).

(*This article reflects the opinions of the writer and may or may not accurately represent the perspective of Quarks American Bento and its’owners).